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to enable the first disabled female athlete to compete in, and finish the Vendee Globe. Setting at least 3 world records, and making history in doing so... 

the plan

changing from racing short course Paralympic racing to offshore has seen Hannah's learning curve sit almost vertical. 


training in the class 40 is the pathway that the team has chosen.


the class 40 was DESIGNED AS A LOW COST OFFSHORE RACER that can be sailed WITH LIMITED CREW or solo, AND is A PERFECT BOAT TO TRAIN FOR #SINGLEHANDEDsinglehanded RACING as Hannah can sail it without adaptations.

It is A COST EFFECTIVE RACING PLATFORM WITH LOWER RISK TRAINING OPTIONS, allowing Hannah to train and race with coaches. 


in 2023 the class 40's will take on their own round the world race, "the race around", and hsr want to be on that start line. 

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