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A gifted and passionate communicator, Hannah has delivered eye opening talks; challenging perceptions and ideas, and encouraging the people she speaks to to think differently.  

She has delivered impactful 

Keynote speeches, emotional 

motivational talks and inspiring after dinner talks to the likes of JCB, DHL, Jaguar LandRover & GSK amongst others, as well as taking to the TedX stage to share her talk "Don't judge a book by it's cover". 



"To watch Hannah's stories from live talks, to interviews at regattas and see her push and push to achieve her goal makes me feel inspired to push for my own goals. If someone asked me today how Autism on the Water has grown so big, I could give so many answers like thanks to sponsors or Scallywag or crew members which of course all play a massive part in the growth of my charity but my honest answer would be "Hannah Stodel inspired me to sail further and achieve more". And that is a true answer." 

Murray MacDonald,

Autism on the Water 

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